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Angel Aguilar LVT


Angel Aguilar has been a valuable part of the San Antonio Veterinary Community since 2012.  "The other half" of Dragonfly, Angel officially joined the company New Year's day 2020. He and Dr. Bridgeman have been an inseparable team since 2015, however, working together almost daily during that time to perfect their balance and flow to efficiently and safely take care of their patients.

Angel received his Associate of Applied Sciences in Veterinary Technology from the Palo Alto Veterinary Technician Program here in San Antonio in 2014. After that he spent a couple years in the private sector learning how the normal clinic functions. As many technicians do, he wore many hats at that clinic and eventually functioned as their lead technician.

He then transferred to the City of San Antonio Animal Care Services, the largest open intake shelter in the greater San Antonio area. His job there involved everything from 80+ surgery days, to veterinary assistant, to triage and treatments. 

His academic background, attention to detail, and true zeal for learning new things makes him a valuable asset to the company. He enjoys teaching and carries a charisma that makes him easy to learn from.  

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