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Courtney Bridgeman DVM


Courtney H. Bridgeman has a long history in both veterinary medicine and shelter medicine in particular.
As a technician, she got experience from both the private sector as well as the academic sector as she served in the Equine Surgery ward at Texas A&M before her tenure at the vet school itself. She also frequently volunteered at every local animal shelter she happened to be near.
As a veterinary student at Texas A&M University, she served on the Student Shelter organization as both president and secretary. She graduated and continued her pursuit in shelter medicine at the San Antonio Humane Society as their first full time veterinarian and then as their chief veterinarian, putting in over 8yrs of time developing their medical department from the ground up. She has also served on the TVMA Shelter committee as chair and vice-chair as well as the TVMBE task force on shelter medicine. 
Her interests run varied as she also studies and researches design function of clinics and hospitals. Having participated in multiple design presentations at TAMU, her love of animal facility design has never ended. She has found multiple design courses to participate in, and seldom passes one up.

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